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The Black Sheep of Marketing

Written by Tate Holcombe, Creative Director

Political marketing is frequently viewed as the little brother of mainstream marketing. But why? Simply put, because much of it sucks. However, when political creative hits the target, it has the power to change the country. Here are some facts that highlight what sets us apart:

  • Our designers work on 12-18 political campaigns each.

  • Our editors produce 50-60 ads a year.

  • More people see our work in a 30-day period than most creatives will see in a year.

  • We produce more ads in three months than many agencies do in a year.

At Go Big Media, we test our work in the real world. We don’t rely on simple A/B testing; we go with ABCDEF. Our testing is with live ammo. If our ads aren’t working, we’re back in the edit bay cutting new ones the next day. This rigorous approach ensures our campaigns are effective and resonant.

We operate at breakneck speed, constantly adapting and refining our strategies. 

Fail Fast, Learn Faster

In political marketing, failing quickly is crucial. We understand that we are expected to fail 49% of the time, but that 51% success rate is all we need to make a significant impact.

Every day we test new ideas, discard what doesn’t work, and refine what does. This process allows us to create content that resonates deeply with our audience. It’s all about finding that one mailer or ad that strikes a chord with 51% of the people.

Having worked in creative for over a decade, I’ve learned more in the high-stakes environment of political marketing than anywhere else. Our field allows us to undertake a vast array of projects in a short period, teaching us quickly what works and what doesn’t. This rapid learning curve is what makes us better, faster.

Why This Matters

Clients appreciate it when we identify and discard ineffective ideas before significant investment. Political creatives, the black sheep, get to do more work in a six-month election season than most agencies do in two years. This volume and variety allow us to learn faster and deliver better results.

At Go Big Media, we pride ourselves on being the black sheep of the marketing world. Our unique approach and relentless pace enable us to deliver creative that not only stands out but also drives meaningful change.

If you’re looking for a partner who understands the urgency, pressure, and potential of political marketing, look no further. Let’s embrace the unconventional and create something extraordinary together.

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