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Your Digital Team is Your TV Team

Written by Tate Holcombe, Creative Director

Your digital video strategy should not be separate from your broadcast video strategy.

Here’s why - Digital video delivery can allow you to be more direct and focused, while at the same time building off of your broadcast strategy. On the other hand, broadcast is a broader, more generic form of advertising. Your digital team is more attuned to specific and direct actions and able to focus down into more specific advertising. More and more often, we find consumers (or voters in our case) watching less and less standard TV. A 30-sec campaign ad fighting its way through the constant digital noise has shown itself to be a dinosaur. With only a broadcast team in place, you get a dinosaur created by a massive video shoot, and at best, 3 completed ads total. Meanwhile, your digital creative vendor might be cranking out 2 ads a week. In today’s digital landscape, digital teams are beginning to offer the option of longer-form video. Our team is no longer limited to a 30, 15, or even 60-second ad. We can make a video as long or as short as necessary because the digital environment gives us so much more flexibility. Now, ads can be as long as they need to tell the story, and the story is the king. With a digital creative firm telling most of your stories, it's important that they can share it with the audience in a variety of ways. The advertising landscape is becoming more and more spread out and it takes a team that knows how to do work in that environment to generate effective political creative. The time is for a more concise, and multi-medium coherent campaign that works across every format, both traditional and the digital world. In all of this, we noticed one thing: now 30-second ads are starting to matter less and less. They’re all formulaic and they always miss something: clarity and consistency. So why trust your digital team with your broadcast content?

  • They will build and maintain a cohesive message across all of your video content, especially in the ever-changing political landscape, when what matters is name I.D. and getting people voting for you.

  • The 30-second tv ad is no longer the king of advertising. Having multiple levels of content that can be scaled across mediums is.

  • Your digital team is used to making multiple videos at a time for you and has the built-in flexibility to build creative messaging among multiple channels

  • They bring an ability to create compelling long-form videos. And when I say long-form, I don’t mean 60 seconds. I mean minutes-long content. YouTube and Facebook have shown us that videos over 3 min can perform well if they are well produced and well thought out (which a digital team excels at).

So before you make a decision on your next TV ad, talk to your digital team. They’ve got the right ideas for the next generation of campaigns.

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