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Picking my Favorite Movies Using Joe Biden’s Approval Rating

Written by Dave Huguenel, Senior Vice President, Political

As I was enjoying my morning coffee I decided to catch up on recent polling. Somewhere between my 2nd and 3rd cup, I stumbled across a realization; as of March 4th, 2022 Joe Biden is officially more unpopular than any modern President at this point in their presidency.

When this email was written, President Biden had a 24% national "strongly approve" rating (it's actually gone down to 21% since then, ouch!). This is lower than both the 32% approval President Trump had in March of 2018 and the 27% President Obama had at this point in 2010.

So to mark what seems like Biden’s Ides of March moment, I thought I would do something special. Here are my favorite movies that are currently streamable online. BUT, here’s the catch…. I can only select movies that have a 24% Rotten Tomatoes score.

So without further ado, here are my five currently streamable movies that have the same approval rating as President of Joe Biden:

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