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In Da House!

Written by Brent Barksdale, Partner

In the media agency world, all creative departments are not created equal. Here at Go BIG Media, we believe that wholeheartedly.

Unlike many other media agencies who primarily rely on freelancers and mostly sub-out their creative work to other firms, Go BIG Media’s creative department is in-house and on staff.

Full video production, animation, graphic design, live event production, and streaming…our in-house creative department is involved from the initial client call until project completion.

Other agencies decide to go the freelancer route to save money and reduce overhead, but we believe our in-house creative approach is worth the investment and is evident in the work we deliver for our clients.

In fact, we believe it’s the main reason our creative department wins so many industry awards (42 to be exact).

At the end of the day, awards are just icing on the cake. Our true motivation for keeping our creative department in-house is to deliver the best results for our clients.

Here are some of the advantages:

Quality Control

We hire the best creative talent in the industry and we challenge them to get better every day. We offer them training and encourage them to learn a new skill each quarter. If our video, animation, or graphic design department works on a project we know the results will be spectacular. The same quality cannot be guaranteed with a freelancer.

We Understand Politics

Our creative team members understand politics. They speak the political language and understand the political landscape. Most freelancers have no idea how politics works or how to deliver a political message. Our creative department is built to thrive in a political environment and we have the wins to prove it.


Our industry moves at a feverish pace. Deadlines can be fast and furious and our in-house team is on call when needed.


Each of our clients is assigned dedicated creative team members to work on their account from day one. This guarantees consistency of art direction and branding throughout the life of the campaign.


Keeping our editors and designers in-house enables us to give our clients better prices at the end of the day. Hiring hourly freelancers and outsourcing creative work to other “middlemen” firms can be expensive for the client and drive up project costs.

Check out our creative department’s work here. Reach out to discuss your next project.

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