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Have you joined the club? 👋

Written by: Brandon Aragón, Director of Client Accounts

With all the hype around Clubhouse lately, it’s easy to brush it off as just another wannabe competitor to the current giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The difference — this social media start-up has already raised over $100 million for their efforts, and while it’s still in Beta phase, Clubhouse has already attracted millions to its platform which requires invites from existing users.

So, what is Clubhouse? It’s an audio-chat social network which allows its users to listen and engage in conversations of all sizes from people all around the world. Think of it as a live podcast which offers you the opportunity to join and be a participant of the conversation while hundreds maybe even thousands are listening in real time.

Clubhouse has sparked so much attention that giants like Twitter have taken notice, starting their own version called ‘Spaces’, which is built into the Twitter app and powered by Periscope.

Twitter’s version, although much smaller, is also in Beta testing and people of marginalized backgrounds and people of color will be the first to try it out.

Clubhouse gives all their users a level playing field. You don’t have to be a famous personality with thousands of followers to start your own room or engage in conversations. Last week, I had the opportunity to engage in conservation in dozens of rooms which featured individuals like former CEO of T-Mobile John Legere, Owner of Tesla Elon Musk and Shark Tank’s Daymond John. Now there’s one thing I didn’t imagine doing in 2021!

Clubhouse is an excellent way for advocacy groups, nonprofits, politicians, and candidates to reach grassroots and influential networks to deliver their message. Use the app to your advantage to spark engaging and thoughtful conversations around topics or issues that are important to you or your cause. The app also makes great recommendations on which rooms to join based on your interests and topics on which you can choose from.

With the 2022 and 2024 election cycles approaching quickly, apps like Clubhouse are likely to have a major impact in politics, and the way campaigns reach voters. With its growing popularity, the model of audio-chat platforms won’t be going away anytime soon.

Bottom line: don’t take platforms like Clubhouse or Twitter’s ‘Spaces’ for granted, now is the best time to jump in and really start engaging in conversation, have your voice heard, never be afraid to raise your hand to ask the right questions, and control the room.



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