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Get Your Advocates on Video

Written by: Lewis Muller, Managing Director

Seven months into this remote culture and we are all now accustomed to seeing each other via Zoom, FaceTime, etc. This means that when it comes to grassroots advocacy campaigns, elected officials should be hearing more from their constituents through video and not just identical bulk emails or phone scripts.

No matter how formal or informal, getting your advocates on video has numerous applications in advocacy. Videos can be sent directly to elected officials from constituents, used in marketing efforts to recruit more supporters, edited into effective advertisements, or used by lobbyists in their interactions with lawmakers and staff.

A great example is how Patients For Affordable Drugs (P4AD) has been aggressive in encouraging their advocates to send in video stories and share how critical of an issue drug pricing is. P4AD compiled these videos into a compelling and cohesive narrative that they used to address legislative priorities, encourage other patients to share stories, and drive overall brand awareness.

P4AD then took their effort a step forward by scheduling Zoom calls with specific patient advocates and recorded those calls. The goal was to keep that “Zoom” feel while capturing a highly personal story that they could then edit into an effective advertisement.

Regardless if you are tapping a few select advocates to record remotely or reaching out to your entire grassroots network to solicit self-filmed videos, these video messages are effective in the inboxes of lawmakers and will add a whole new dimension to your advocacy programs.



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