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Don't Overlook The Copy!

Written by Lewis Muller, Managing Director, Public Affairs & Business Development

For those of you living and driving in Virginia, have you taken notice of how creative the copy is on those interstate safety messaging boards? They are short (because they don’t want to distract you), typically funny, relevant, and always drive home (get it?) the safety message. I’ve got to give a shoutout to my home state for coming up with this particular message that stuck with me during my Sunday drive home on I-64.

A little more captivating than just saying “Buckle Up, Virginia,” amirite?

While GBM graphic designer, Nicholas Cueto, cleaned this up so that you could read it better, my fellow passenger captured the real picture on their iPhone and quickly posted it to their Insta-story. They were not alone in this act as it was shared on Instagram by countless other more high profile accounts, aka, it went viral.

Even Ludacris himself took notice and gave VA a shoutout:

Now, this could be a lesson that Out-of-Home advertising is still an incredibly effective medium, but I think the more important lesson is that investing in quality copywriters and copy should never be overlooked. It might be obvious that great copy is clear, concise, and persuasive, but you need to rely on experience to deliver creative copy quickly.

So, if anyone knows who the copywriter is for the Virginia Department of Transportation, please contact us because we want to hire them. In the meantime, we will rely on the award-winning work of our in-house creatives who consistently deliver for our corporate, non-profit, and candidate clients.

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