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Does your campaign need a Shortcode?

Written by Brandon Aragon, Senior Director

The shortest month of the year has come and gone, but one thing your campaign might be missing out on is a “Shortcode”.

What is a Shortcode? Why does your campaign need one? And why is it so important as we head into the 2023 and 2024 cycles?

A shortcode is essentially Political text messaging with a 5 digit number for your campaign. You can customize an unlimited amount of one-word keywords so you can opt-in the small dollar donors your campaign needs.

Political text messaging lets you control your OWN message, it’s super effective for Rapid Response, and come on… everyone reads their text messages! But most importantly, with Political text messaging your campaign’s fundraising could see up to 5X as much growth and is perfect for even getting out the vote.

Political text messaging allows features that is crucial to targeting the right audience. Using segmenting, time-zone sending, automated responses, A/B testing, and even sending out face-to-camera videos and graphics to engage, persuade and thank your donors.

Some of my personal favorite features are using your shortcode to allow for RSVPs for campaign events and personally responding to donors.

In the 2022 cycle, our team changed the game for our clients through using Political text messaging. With an open rate of 82%, Donors were 4.5X more likely to donate after receiving a text message than an email. Client return on investment averaged $5.31 for every $1 spent.

No matter the campaign, big or small, we are able to put your Shortcode on blast. Our all-star team can set your campaign up with your very own 5 digit number for your campaign to start making some noise in a busy and not so short election cycle.

With the recent news of Gmail ending its special anti-spam filter program for political emails, don’t let your message get swept under the rug! Let’s start raising your campaign some serious bucks using cost-effective Political text messaging.

Be a step above your competition.



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