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5 reasons you must include internet radio ads in your media mix

Written by: Brent Barksdale, Partner

Let’s talk about radio. I know, I know why is a digital media firm talking about radio? Well, I’m not talking about your Mom and Pop’s traditional radio. I’m talking about hyper-targeted, optimized, and effective, internet radio complete with analytics and a net positive ROI.

Internet radio has emerged as a massive untapped resource for campaigns looking to gain an advantage. Today over 65% of the US population report listening to internet radio, up over 40% from just ten years ago.

Highlighted below here are five reasons that internet radio should not be ignored:

  1. Cost Effective: The barrier to entry for internet radio is significantly lower when compared to other traditional media. In targeted geographic areas, the benefits of frequency and repetition are easily achieved with even the most limited budgets. Internet radio is a prime testing ground for real-time feedback on what message is most effective.

  2. Audience: Research has shown that Republicans are more likely to listen to traditional radio, but internet radio listening is a bipartisan activity. When evaluating your media mix, internet radio is an ideal avenue to explore reaching those who might not traditionally fall within your target audience in other mediums.

  3. Targeting: Flexibility is key here. Internet radio has emerged with the same targeting capabilities found in other online ads, this allows for a greater understanding of who is hearing your ads. But that is not the only option - online radio also gives you the flexibility to get program-specific if desired and advertise against programming that you know is engaging your target audience. This approach is a low-cost alternative to the program targeting usually only found when spending on TV.

  4. Availability: Unlike terrestrial radio, internet radio is defined by the ease of use. Internet radio apps are ubiquitous and can be accessed everywhere from the gym to in line at the grocery store. No longer tied to being in the car during a commute, internet radio ads are going to find them wherever your audience is in their day.

  5. Creative: Encountering a 15-second internet radio spot engages uniquely when compared to print, TV, or other online ads. This gives your campaign an alternative canvas to create and define your message. Internet radio presents opportunities for humor or testimonials directly from constituents that are ideal for the medium.

With access to a world of internet radio options at the fingertips of voters, your campaign needs to ensure that it is represented in your media mix - your ad might be the last thing they hear before casting their ballot.

Watch our Radio Reel here.

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