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Building Your Grassroots Army

Written by Steve Savastano, Senior Director, Data and Insights

Advocacy organizations are faced with a major challenge when confronting policy battles today; what is the best way to ensure their message is seen by the individuals at the forefront of making these critical decisions? Political campaigns face a similar challenge when trying to cultivate organic grassroots support ahead of election season.

What has consistently proven to win tough policy battles and elections, even in a mostly digital world, is the ability to mobilize a dedicated and enthusiastic base of supporters. Being able to call upon a standing army of grassroots advocates will empower your organization or campaign to send more petitions, contact more legislative offices, further energize volunteers, and hold more meaningful events.

But what is the best way to cultivate grassroots support if your organization or campaign is still growing? Most of the time, the best place to start is within. There are endless data points and a vast amount of information that can be generated through a single online interaction or opt-in. These actions could include signing a petition, registering for an event, or making a donation. Enhancing your existing data and diving into the results could provide hidden insights that will be key to developing your grassroots army.

Some of the key questions we can help answer:

  • What demographic trends exist within your current membership?

  • What correlations can be capitalized on for recruitment and retention?

  • What types of campaigns and creative are generating the most engagement?

  • How many advocates live within target states and districts?

Starting this process sooner rather than later will generate critical infrastructure to ensure your organization or campaign is maintaining and growing an influential base of grassroots supporters. With thousands of analysis points available, our team can help craft a data-driven strategy for recruitment, activation, and deployment of your advocates to deliver legislative and electoral wins.

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