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A Live Case Study: Lou Barletta for Governor

Written by Dave Huguenel, Vice President, Political

Some folks around here at Go BIG Media are starting to pick on me a little bit. When I write these marketing emails I always tend to lean on the “listicle.” I’ll offer four or five thoughts on video, media, campaigns, etc.

Well, I’m shaking things up today and I’m writing an email that is a little bit different. I’m going to share some examples from one of my clients who I believe is running one of the best digital campaigns in the country (with a little bit of our help of course).

I’m talking about Lou Barletta, who’s currently running for Governor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Now sure, I’m biased, but as far as I’m concerned, his campaign is putting out some of the best examples of digital media for any political campaign out there. Want to see what I mean? Let’s check the tape…


Overall Branding

A good place to start is always the logo design, and the branding for Lou Barletta is On. Point. Not only did we work with the campaign to give Lou a unique look for his personal brand, but also for the office he’s running for. We also took the time to create animated video bumpers, graphics, and a full website that felt consistent with Lou’s homegrown Pennsylvania story.

Oh, and we even made a 3D logo!


Authenticity is something that a firm like Go BIG Media can’t create out of thin air. We can add polish, create cool graphics, etc. but if it’s just us working in a vacuum, then the campaign’s online presence is going to feel plastic. That’s not the case with Lou. His team on the ground is constantly uploading their own organic content, as well as providing media for me and my team to work with. Here are just a few examples where our team has been able to work with Lou’s team on the ground to create some amazing content:

Creating His Own Momentum

When Lou Barletta announced his statewide tour, rather than sit back and wait to post a few pictures, and maybe a video or two, from some stops Lou’s team asked us to get to work creating some unique content to capture exactly how successful his tour was. We got our animation team to work creating some really great content that showed exactly how busy Lou and his campaign were in each location. Take a look:

Now without revealing any trade secrets, I can say that this content isn’t just about pretty pictures or nice-looking graphics. The result of all this hard work is Lou’s campaign’s strong and consistent growth across communication platforms without having to invest in any paid advertising. It has also led to an impressive online small-dollar grassroots donor operation. As 2022 slowly creeps closer, it’ll only become more difficult for campaigns to rise above the noise and generate organic growth online. This is why I think Lou Barletta’s campaign is simply head and shoulders above anyone else out there right now.

A Custom Win Red Store

This WinRed store was a real labor of love over here at Go Big. We worked hand in hand with the campaign to come up with unique and customized merch designs that were more than just a logo on a sticker. The end result ended up being a store that really gives voters a variety of choices on how they choose to express their support for Lou!

Click to check it out!

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