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Data Driven Campaigns

The right message won’t matter much if it’s not reaching the right audience. At Go BIG Media, we’ve invested in accessing the very best online data available so that you can rest assured your targeting is on point and your campaign will be effective.


What make our data different?

Other digital agencies often utilize generic data and static research that leaves their clients with major information gaps and often leads to false assumptions that are the leading cause of underperforming campaigns. Go BIG Media’s holistic approach to the way campaigns use voter and consumer information is what makes all the difference. Our proprietary data starts with understanding a person’s values and motivations, and continues with how they behave both online and offline. 

We aim to understand the person, how they live their life, behave on and offline and what’s most important to them before we craft the story. Similarly, we seek out the values important to our clients’ goals to help identify the individuals that their message will resonate with most. By first identifying the “why” that shapes how people think and act, our clients develop stronger, more meaningful relationships with their audiences, that in turn increases their ROI. 


What makes up the data we use to identify and target audiences.


Continuous Customer Research

With tens of thousands of voter and consumer questions logged in our research database, chances are if you are looking for the answer to a question, we’ve got it! Our data provider, with whom Go BIG Media has an exclusive partnership, runs continuous long form surveys year-round.


We understand that sentiment moves quickly these days and fresh data matters. By adding 250,000 surveys every year, rotating surveys fielded every month, and updating audience models every night, the data we use remains relevant and at speed with the latest trends in public opinion.


Online Behavioral and Contextual Research

Our partner platform tracks the actions taken online every day by over 550 million devices nationwide. Tens of billions of web actions by survey respondents are tracked and analyzed daily. Our partner’s anonymous process looks for keywords in relation to page visits to deliver a rich data source from which we can assess likely behaviors from user to user. Overall, 1 trillion words are analyzed daily and the information gleaned is put to use immediately.

Filtering Through Audience Insights

The largest data source in the country won’t do you any good without being able to understand what it all means and find the patterns that reveal opportunities. We process 9,000 data points collected on each of the 185 million American adult consumers in our database through our partner’s Audience Insights Predictive Modeling. Machine learning takes both the survey responses and online activity we collect to produce predictive models that help us understand our audience. Using over 10,000 algorithms to sort through the ocean of data, we can identify the human element behind the numbers.


How do we use insights from our data to help you win?

You won’t see a one size fits all approach with us. The cookie-cutter political targeting done by other digital firms leads to stale results. Because we approach the use of data differently, Go BIG Media solves problems for our clients more effectively. Every campaign is unique. Shouldn’t targeting be as well? We cross-reference thousands of the most relevant political attributes to create a custom audience tailored for your message. We sort through the sea of political segments so you can focus on winning your campaign.

Have questions about this data? Reach out to us for more information.

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