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Ben Misantone
Director, Post-Production

Ben Misantone is a multi-faceted video production specialist with a wide array of experience. He’s created documentary shorts, been involved in TV production, freelance production, design work, a feature-length film, and now will be bringing his talent to strategic political campaign production with Go BIG Media.  

While he loves all aspects of video production & design, he is a video editor at heart. Ever since he began messing
around with iMovie at age 8, editing highlight films of his favorite football players, he’s been hooked ever since. Ben
graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema-Television and received a minor in Communications. He worked as a Video Producer/Editor for WTVZ (TV Station) crafting commercials for local businesses. Ben has edited professional commercials, garnering local viral video sensation for one of his client’s LinkedIn.

Aside from his passionate obsession with video, Ben loves being in nature, working out, being a podcast and
audiobook fanatic, playing sports, and spending time with his significant other, Michaela.

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